Wyze Camera Moving on Its Own: (How To Fix it)

Is your Wyze camera moving on its own? Don’t be panicked. Nobody is controlling your camera. In fact, there are several things causing this problem. 

The Wyze camera usually moves itself whenever there’s a problematic power supply, faulty programme, or active detection zone. Also, if your camera hasn’t been updated for long, placed in direct sunlight, or booting up itself, it’ll move voluntarily. Mainly its motion tracking feature causes this problem oftentimes. 

Thankfully, all the issues can be solved with ease. So, follow the guidance below, and solve every problem you face. 

Wyze Camera Moving on Its Own: Reasons and Solutions

Solving the Wyze camera turning issue requires your patience. Because you have to detect the exact problem first, and then approach its solution. The following guidance will cover every possible reason with their solutions. 

1. Problematic Power Supply

When a cable or any power supply component doesn’t fit perfectly, it fails to produce enough power for the device. And when your Wyze camera doesn’t get its required power, it starts to reboot itself. 

The Wyze camera rebooting process makes the camera move and reposition. That’s when you see your camera moving on its own.

Solution: Reboot the System

Before going for the reboot, ensure it’s the problematic power supply that’s creating the problem. To check it, examine the cables and the power port by a professional. If there’s a problem, replace the wires and other components that are creating the problem. And then reboot the Camera as a fix.

2. Outdated Firmware and Programme

If you haven’t updated your camera for a long time, it may cause your camera to move as a self-diagnosis. So, updating the firmware is important on a regular basis. Otherwise, unwanted bugs make your Wyze camera vulnerable. To check if there’s any update required, download the Wyze app from the Play Store. Log in to the app, and you’ll be notified of available updates. 

Solution: Update the Wyze Cam and the App

Follow the steps below to update a Wyze camera through the app. 

  • Press the Account Icon
  • Find the ‘Firmware Update’ option
  • Next to the Wyze camera tile, there will be an ‘Update’ option if your camera requires any update. 
  • Click on the option and restart the app 

3. Faulty Wyze Camera Setting

As you know, Wyze camera functions most of its features through an app. So, there’s a vast possibility that bugs catch up with the settings. It results in wireless communication, and the camera starts to move on its own.

Solution: Readjust the Settings

To readjust the setting, you have to reset the motor control of the camera and fix the bugs. See how you will do this: 

  • Go for the Livestream tab and open the setting menu of your Wyze Cam Pan
  • Click on Advanced Setting 
  • Press on the Motor Controls tile 
  • Select the reset option 
  • Wait for a few moments to complete the process.

4. Active Pan Scan & Motion Tracking

Pan Scan and Motion Tracing are one of the features that make Wyze Cam different from others. Pan Scan lets your camera FOV set at your desired angle while motion tracking tracks any objects that come within the frame. But when you see these features are working voluntarily, go to the setting and check for the issue.

Solution: Turn the Motion Tracking and Pan Scan Off

To fix the issue, you have to turn off the Pan Scan and Motion Tracking. Follow the instructions below on the Wyze app: 

  • Open the Livestream tab
  • Click on the More option 
  • Find the Pan Scan and Motion Tracking options and disable them
  • Restart the device and check if the issue still exists 

5. Active Detection Zone

When you are willing to use the Pan Scan feature with the Detection zone enabled, the camera remains inactive for a certain period and then returns to its designated detection zone. So, if you really want to make full use of the Pan Scan feature of your Wyze Cam, you have to disable the Detection zone. 

Solution: Disable Detection Zone

Follow these steps on the Wyze app to disable the Detection zone. 

  • Open the setting on the Livestream tab 
  • Find the Detection Setting icon 
  • Toggle the option Off 
  • Now restart the device and ensure the issue has gone 

6. Faulty Programme

A faulty programme at the camera feature leads the camera to move voluntarily. This issue occurs due to some minor bugs. All it needs to solve the problem is a Factory reset. 

Solution: Factory Reset the Wyze Cam

Factory resetting your Wyze camera may take a bit of your patience. Follow the steps carefully to factory reset your device. 

  • Remove the installed SD cards from your camera
  • Press the Setup button and hold it for 15-20 seconds 
  • Wait for another 20-40 seconds until the voice message appears as an announcement of the start of the process. 
  • Then the LED status will turn blue, indicating the process is complete. 
  • Now, reconfigure your Wyze cam as you like 

7. Camera Boot-up

Sometimes the Wyze camera boots up itself and moves on its own. It’s a normal process for the device. After completing the booting process, the camera will get back to its previous position.

Solution: Nothing! Just Wait 

As your Wyze camera is booting up, you have nothing to be concerned about. Just wait and watch. To ensure that the booting process has affected the motion tracker, you can open the Livestream and check whether the camera is working fine.

8. Overheat 

If your Wyze camera is in direct sunlight, it can get overheated and start moving itself. Poor electricity power can also overheat the camera. So, if your Wyze cam pan is moving on its own, check the camera to ensure it’s overheated. 

Solution: Remove it to a cold place

Remove your camera from the sunlight and place it in a cold place. If it’s overheating due to the power source, then turn it off and wait for it to cool down. Always keep it in a shady place away from the sunlight. 

[Note: Do not put your camera in a refrigerator to cool it down]

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve come to this end, you surely don’t have any confusion about the Wyze camera moving on its own. It’s your power supply or the camera features that are the culprit. Or else, it’s the self-diagnose rebooting process that sometimes turns the Wyze camera in various directions. Also, if your camera is set outside, it gets overheated due to sunlight and starts moving. Restarting the camera is usually the primary solution you can approach.

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