Why Is There A Red Dot on My iPhone Camera

iPhone users always come up with the question, “why is there a red dot on my iPhone camera.” The reason is pretty simple so is the solution. The iPhones have safety features that warn you whenever you’re being recorded or facing harmful lights. To solve this issue, you have to stop microphone access to other apps and disable the proximity sensor. If the issue is caused by google assistance, then you have to turn it off.

The following will let you know everything regarding the issue and show you solutions. So, keep on reading if you are facing a red dot on your iPhone camera and want to remove it.

Why Is There A Red Dot on My iPhone Camera

A red dot pops up on iPhone cameras as an indication of your microphone app is active in the background. Also, the proximity sensor or other light sensors trigger the red dot after detecting the infrared beam. Some aggressive words may also turn the light on if the google assistant ‘Siri’ is in use.

Read the following texts where things are described elaborately.

1. Microphone Is Active

The red dot appears on your iPhone camera when the microphone is active simultaneously. Though you may see it as a red dot, it’s actually orange. The dot pops up at the top of the phone screen beside the signal bar. It simply tells you that the microphone and the camera are in use simultaneously on your phone.

2. The App Is Using Proximity Sensor

The iPhones feature a lot of sensors. Among them, the proximity sensor is the one. It’s located next to the camera in the notch. It usually shuts off the display light while your ears are closed to the screen. But when you’re in dark surroundings, it triggers the red dot on your iPhone camera.

3. Light Sensor

Also, there’s a light sensor that triggers the red dot on your iPhone camera whenever it detects infrared light. If you see the dot in the middle, it’s usually because of the light sensor. The sensor just warns you that the beam harms your eyes by showing the dot.

4. The Camera is Pointed at a Bright Source of Light

The red dot appears even if you point your iPhone camera to the brighter glimpse. Nowadays, the iPhone pro camera features some safety standards that detect infrared lights and trigger the red light on. The features usually detect harmful sparkles on the camera.  

5. Aggressive Words While The Camera Is On

If the google assistant Siri or the microphone is recording while the camera is on, and you say some aggressive words, it may show a red dot on your camera. It’s one of the safety standard features that modern-day iPhones use.

Does ‘Siri’ Turn on the Red Dot on my iPhone Camera

Siri can trigger the red dot on your iPhone camera if it’s active in the background and you say some aggressive words. When you pronounce words that don’t comply with google assistant’s safety standards, it turns on the red dot. By turning on the red light, Siri indicates that the words are violated and shouldn’t be pronounced.

Does the Red Light Means Someone is Listening

The useful security feature of iPhones turns on the red dot on your front camera to let you know that the microphone is in use. But if you’re sure there’s no app you’ve opened in the background and nothing is recording you, then it’s a matter of concern.

You can be wrong even after being certain that no app is accessing your camera or microphone. Because sometimes, we switch between apps without closing the previous one, and thus, it may get accessed by the camera or microphone without our notice.

But, if none of this is happening and the red dot is still on your phone, then there’s the slightest possibility that someone is listening to you through a spyware app. In this case, scan your phone with an iPhone spyware detection tool.

Does the Red Light Means Someone is Watching

Usually, a red dot doesn’t mean someone is watching you. It takes plenty of spyware apps to get access to your phone. Though it’s a rare case, it’s not impossible. If you notice the following thing along with the red dot on your iPhone camera, then there’s something to be concerned about.

  • Suspicious apps are running in the background
  • Camera is misbehaving
  • Indicator light is misbehaving
  • Battery is draining fast
  • Low storage space

To prevent the phone camera from spying on you, install good security software and stop downloading apps outside the Apple app store or google play store. Be aware of suspicious emails and links.

How Do I Remove the Red Dot from My iPhone Camera; Complete Guidance

Though a red dot on your iPhone camera doesn’t indicate any threat to your phone, you may want to remove it. And if you want to remove it, you must detect the reason first and then approach it accordingly. Usually, the red dot appears due to the microphone or proximity sensor. So, let’s see how you will deal with these things.

Turn off the Microphone

To stop the microphone from getting access to your camera and other apps; you’ve to disable microphone access. See how you’ll do this:

  • Open iPhone’s settings
  • Search for the privacy setting
  • Search for the option ‘Microphone’ and click it
  • There you’ll see the list of apps and sliders to turn off the permissions

Stop the Proximity Sensor

Once you find out the red dot on your iPhone camera is caused by the proximity sensor, you can approach this solution.

Keep in mind that you can’t turn off the proximity sensor. There’s no setting for this on your iPhone. All you can do is disable the sensor. By following the criteria below, you can disable the proximity sensor.

  1. Remove the Screen Protector

The screen protector of your iPhone can obstruct the activities of the Proximity sensor. So, you remove the protector first. Then go to the next step.

  1. Restart Your iPhone

To restart your iPhone, follow the steps below.

  • Go to setting
  • Click General and scroll down
  • Find the Shutdown option and press it
  • Wait a few minutes, then turn it back on
  1. Force Restart Your iPhone

Force restarting requires different steps for different models. The following chart will let you know which method to apply to your device.

For iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 plusPress and release the volume up button do the same thing with the volume down button then press and hold the side button until your iPhone begins to restart
For iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plusPress the volume down and side button altogether and hold them till the logo appears on your phone
For other iPhone modelsPress and hold the side button and the power button together until your phone begins restarting
  1. Update Your iPhone

Updating your iPhone can sometimes disable the proximity sensor. So, update your device to the latest IOS version. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Go to setting
  • Click on ‘General’
  • Press ‘Software Update’
  • Tap on ‘Download’ and install

By doing all this one by one, the proximity sensor will be disabled.

Now that you’ve preset everything manually you can expect the red dot won’t appear on your iPhone camera. But if you still see the red dot, then you may have set the camera in the wrong direction.

Whenever you place your camera in some unusual rays, a red dot will appear due to the sensitive light sensor on your phone. To avoid this problem, set your camera in the usual atmosphere.

Place the Camera in a Better Direction

Place the camera in a place where no infrared or harmful light can interfere. Adjust with the light sensor, ambient sensor, or proximity sensor, avoid too gloomy or too sharp sparkles around your camera. The beam may also be harmful to your eyes, skin, and your device.

Stop Using Aggressive Words

Stop using aggressive words to remove the red dot. Whichever words are illegitimate or violent to your iPhone setting, stop pronouncing them. It’ll drift away the red dot from your front camera.

Stop Siri from Listening

The Google Assistant ‘Siri’ is always listening to you so your iPhone can easily meet your needs. Though Siri has no bad intentions, you may feel insecure. So, if you want to stop Siri from listening, we’ll help you with this.

  • Go to setting
  • Tap on “Siri & Search”
  • Turn off the button “Listen for ‘Hey Siri'”


Wondering Why Is There A Red Dot on My iPhone Camera? A few things are likely involved here. It can be the active microphone, the proximity sensor, light sensor, or the diverse functionality of the camera. In fact, Siri can trigger the red dot as well. Fortunately, even though the red dot doesn’t cause any problems, you can disable it by following the right method.

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