Why Is My iPhone Camera Inverted?

If you are an iPhone user and perhaps you’ve noticed that your iPhone camera is inverted, you must have thought something was wrong with your phone. Unfortunately, we’ve been seeing a lot of complaints about this same issue from several iPhone users. And we understand how disappointing and troubling this can be, so we decided to provide the solution to the problem in this article. But before then, let’s find out the reason. So, “Why Is My iPhone Camera Inverted?”

There are 3 dominant reasons why your iPhone camera is inverted. Below are the reasons:

  • Camera bug.
  • The phone’s position.
  • Software mishap.

Why Is My iPhone Camera Inverted? – Explanation

As listed above, there are three basic reasons why your iPhone camera is inverted. These reasons were discovered based on actual experience. Let’s dive into each of them for more details.

Camera bug

A camera bug could cause your iPhone camera to be inverted. The camera bug is basically a coding error in the development of the camera.

This could cause the phone’s camera to act in an unusual way. However, you can be lucky to solve this issue easily, and you’d have the iPhone camera properly stable as it should be.

The phone’s position

The way you position your iPhone while you are about to use the camera could make it appear inverted. Perhaps you are holding your iPhone in an uncorrected manner, definitely, your iPhone camera would appear inverted or in a weird position.

Software mishap

The older IOS software, IOS 5 allows you to hold the volume down button to take pictures. And because of this, the iPhone camera looks inverted or makes the picture taken by the camera appear upside down.

Also, it could be that there is a new software update and all you need to do to resolve the inverted camera issue is to update to the new IOS version.

How do I fix my inverted iPhone camera?

Having found the actual reasons why your iPhone camera is inverted, the next thing is to fix the issue so your picture can come out outstanding as you want it to be.

Force quit the camera app

As aforementioned, a camera bug can be the reason why your iPhone camera is inverted and it is easy to fix. So, proceed to force quit the camera application. You can do that by following the steps below.

  • If your iPhone is full screen (without the home button), from the bottom of the navigation, swipe up and hold. Then, you’d see all the apps you’ve opened recently – quit the camera app from there.
  • If your iPhone has the home button in the middle of the screen, press it twice and swipe up (quit) the camera from the switcher mode.

After force quitting the camera app, proceed to restart your iPhone before you use the camera again.

Position your phone properly

Ensure you are holding the right side of your iPhone. And when you intend to take pictures using landscape orientation, make sure the camera lens is at the top left side.

This quick tip should help stop your camera from inverting. But if it doesn’t work, proceed to the next step.

Force restart your iPhone

Another way to fix your inverted iPhone camera issue is by force restarting your iPhone. This particular solution that is recommended works for most bugs or other issues that could occur when using a smartphone.

  • To force restart your iPhone, press the home button and the power button simultaneously for 10 seconds. Or you press the volume down button and the power button at the same time for some seconds.
  • You can also press the volume up button, do the same to the volume down button, and release. Then, press the side button till you see the Apple icon. Although this works for iPhone X and older models.

Reset general settings

Resetting general settings will restore the iPhone’s default settings. It won’t delete your files, audio, and documents like when you factory reset.

And we have discovered that this can also stop the iPhone camera from being inverted. Follow the steps below to reset general settings.

  • Go to settings and choose “general”.
  • Navigate to “transfer or reset iPhone”.
  • Press “reset”.

Update your IOS

Finally, as aforesaid, outdated software can be the reason why your iPhone camera is inverted. So, all you have to do is update it. You can update by following the steps below.

  • Click on the settings icon and navigate to general.
  • Then, you’d see a lot of options. Click on “software update”
  • If you are using wifi, you must ensure your data is on when updating.
  • After downloading the software, proceed to install it.

How do I fix upside-down photos on my iPhone?

If you notice that the picture you captured on your iPhone or the image you received through an email is upside down, then you can fix it by following the steps below.

Step 1

Search for the iPhone photo application on the home screen and click on it.

Step 2

Proceed to click on the inverted or upside-down image. When the picture is on display, press edit.

Step 3

You’d see a lot of editing options surrounding the picture, just click on the rotate and crop icon.

Step 4

At the upper left part, click on the rotate icon closer to the flip icon. Then, rotate the image till you see that it is in the right position.

Step 5

Press done when you have successfully rotated the inverted image to the right position.

How do I mirror my iPhone camera?

Perhaps you do not like the fact that your iPhone camera is showing you an unmirrored image. You can easily make it show you the mirrored image you are familiar with.

Here is how to mirror your iPhone camera:

  • Go to settings and click on “camera”.
  • Navigate to “mirror front camera” and toggle it on.

Why does the iPhone front camera flip?

The iPhone front camera flips to prevent the mirror effect. You must have noticed that before you take a selfie, the front camera would show you your mirrored image, but after capturing the image, it would flip it which would turn out weird to you. And this is because you are not used to seeing the unmirrored image of yourself.

Do others see you inverted?

If by inverted you mean the unmirrored image of you, then yes, others see you inverted. But if by inverted you mean a mirrored image of you, then it is a no. Others see the unmirrored image of you even if it looks weird to you when seen in a photo.


Perhaps you’ve been wondering “why is my iPhone camera inverted?” The reasons could be due to a camera bug, how you positioned your phone or a software issue.

We have provided solutions to the problem in this article, and we hope they help to solve the issue of your iPhone camera being inverted.

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