Why is My Instax Mini 11 Not Working?

Instax Mini 11 is a popular Fujifilm camera because of its simplicity and character focus. But you may find some operational issues despite using this great instant camera. That’s why it is a common question among users, “ Why is my Instax Mini 11 not working?”. Don’t worry! You will find all your answers in this article.

The answer to why your Instax Mini 11 is not working is quite tricky because there can be different reasons. So the answer varies according to its particular problem. Some common operational issues that may occur while using Instax Mini 11 are- battery issues, overexposed photos, printing white images, photos coming out black, pictures blurry, the light blinking red, and images not coming out.


Reasons and Solutions of Instax Mini 11 Operational Issues

Battery Issues


The most common problem that users face with batteries is when they are using non-Alkaline batteries.

Also, if the camera’s batteries are not correctly placed in their compartments, your camera’s flash will not work.

Again, not monitoring battery life regularly may prevent the battery from damaging faster.


  • When the batteries are dead, replace them immediately; otherwise, they will permanently damage your camera.
  • Use the same kind of batteries, don’t use random combinations.
  • Use Alkaline batteries like- CR2 lithium batteries.
  • Keep the batteries in their proper compartments while replacing them.
  • An optional solution is to use rechargeable AA batteries, saving the planet and reducing the hustle of frequently replacing the batteries.

Over Exposed Photos


A sign of your camera giving overexposed pictures is- the colors are bright instead of vibrant.

And the reasons that might cause this issue are-

One of the main reasons for Instax Mini 11’s overexposed photos may be the covered small sensors or holes. When your camera’s sensors are covered, it automatically gathers more light for correct exposure.

This auto function happens because the AE light and Flashlight of your Instax Mini 11 is to measure the environment’s light and adjust it.

Also, being in bright sunlight and too close to the subject might cause a problem.

Again, improperly closed film compartments and the film being stored incorrectly; these two reasons may also cause overexposed pictures.


  • Remember not to place your hand fingers on camera sensors while clicking pictures.
  • Don’t be too close to your subject; keep the minimum flash range of 11.8 inches between the subject and camera while clicking photos.
  • It’s better not to take photos in direct sunlight as  Instax Mini 11 has a built-in automatic exposure setting.
  • Store your camera in a cool environment to avoid the chemicals in the film being expired before the expiry date.

Blinking or Flashing Lights

Why Is my Instax Mini 11 Blinking Red


A damaged battery is the most probable reason for your camera flashing lights.

Your camera may blink orange or red flashlight, and it’s not normal. These lights indicate that your batteries are drained and need to be changed.

Also, an empty film cartridge and jammed ejection slot can cause your camera to blink non-stop orange flashlight.


Follow these simple steps to get rid of these issues-

  • Replace your drained batteries
  • Replace your non-alkaline batteries with alkaline ones
  • Clean your jammed ejection slot and refill your film cartridge

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Blurry Pictures


A dirty lens and constant flash may be why your Instax Mini 11 gives blurry pictures. Also, if you don’t hold your camera steadily, the photos will become blurry.

 A slow shutter can also cause the images to be blurry in a low-light environment. Expired film and improperly stored film can cause this unnecessary situation too.


Fixing this issue is very easy; you just have to follow these steps-

  • Clean your dirty lens with a microfiber cloth made for glasses or a lint-free cloth.
  • Use liquid cleaner if the lens is too dirty to clean with a dry cloth.
  • Hold the camera steady while taking pictures.
  • Replace the batteries if the flash is not going off, causing blurry pictures.
  • Store your camera in a cool environment to avoid early film expiring due to chemical exposures
  • Choose a shutter speed of around 1/60 at night to fix the low-light environment issue.

Instax Mini 11 Not Turning On


A silly reason that might cause your camera not to turn on is not putting enough pressure on the power button. It won’t turn on unless you press the minimum amount of time to activate it.

Also, if your batteries are too old, it is natural for your camera not to turn on.

Accidental drops of your camera may also cause your camera to malfunction, resulting in


  • Put the right amount of pressure on the power button while turning on the camera.
  • Be careful carrying your camera to avoid accidental falls
  • Replace your batteries if needed

Printing White Images


Covered sensors or holes may be why your camera is printing white images. If that’s not the reason, your camera film may be exposed to direct sunlight, which is most likely causing the issue. Opened film compartments may generate white images after loading the film entirely.


  • Don’t cover your sensors with hand fingers while taking photos
  • Avoid exposing your film to direct sunlight
  • Don’t keep your film compartments open after loading the film.

How do I know my Instax Mini 11not working?

An orange LED indicator indicates that your camera is working correctly after turning it on. So. the orange indicator not turning on is a sign of your Instax Mini 11 malfunction.

How do I reset my Instax Mini 11?

To reset your camera, first replace the batteries keeping the power on.

Why is my Instax Mini blinking and not working?

Drained batteries or exposed film may cause your camera to blink constantly. Also, an improper storage system may prevent your camera from working.


After reading this article, I hope you got the answer to “Why is my Instax Mini 11 not working?”. Find your camera’s exact issue and follow the solution steps accordingly. Best of luck with fixing your favorite camera!

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