Top 3 Reasons Why Is My Instax Mini 9 Blinking Red

The red light blinking on your Instax Mini 9 usually signifies that the camera is not working. It is an indication that there is an emergency and requires some quick fixes. As it is a common issue, people often ask the question, “Why is my Instax Mini 9 blinking red?”. If you are one of them, this article will surely help you to solve all your queries.

There are a few grounds behind an Instax Mini 9 blinking red. If the red light blinks a few times and stops, it means the battery has full power. However, if the red light blinks for 20 seconds or more, it indicates battery issues. In such cases, battery replacement is the only solution.

If you are eager to learn more about Instax Mini 9 blinking red light problem, dig into this article.

Three Things That Cause Instax Mini 9 Blinking Red

The Instax Mini 9 is an analog camera with effortless functionality. People are mainly fond of this camera because of its mini design and easy-to-use features. However, while using the camera, you might face some problems, like being unable to turn the camera on or take any shots after turning it on.

Now, whatever the problem is, you can figure out the problem by noticing the lights blinking light. You will find many lights blinking, like green, red, or orange, on your camera. Each of the lights tells different issues or states of the camera.

In the case of the red light blinking on your camera mainly indicates either fully charged flash battery issues. But two types of battery-related issues cause the red light to blink on your camera. One is an expired battery, and the other is a misarrangement of batteries.

An elaborate explanation of the reasons behind an Instax Mini 9 flashing or blinking red is given below-

1. Shows The Charging Status of The Flash

The red light blinking on your camera does not always indicate a problem. So, do not start panicking whenever you see red lights on your Instax Mini 9 camera. Instead, observe the pattern of blinking.

Firstly, a solid red light beside the viewfinder means the camera’s flash is charging and not yet ready to be activated. You can use the camera once the flash is fully charged.

Secondly, if you see the red light blinking for a few seconds and then stop, there is nothing to worry about. Because this is a sign of a fully charged flash that is ready to take a shot.

2. Dead Or Expired Batteries

When the red light blinks for 20 seconds or more, it signals that the batteries inside the camera are dead. Two AA batteries have the capacity to click around 100 shots on average. But sometimes, we forget the count of total shots and still keep on the batteries after taking 100 shots.

Now, batteries become dead at one point, and the red light blinks near the viewfinder when you turn on the camera. Moreover, you might find all the lights blinking red on the adjustment dial. It also indicates that the battery is about to die or is already dead.

In such cases, replacing the batteries will solve your problem. All you have to do is open the cover of the battery compartment and change the old batteries with new AA alkaline batteries.

Note: When all the lights are blinking red on the adjustment dial, you must replace the batteries by keeping the lens extended. Because the light will not stop blinking if you change the batteries when the lens is retracted.

3. Placing The Batteries In the Wrong Orientation

If you find that your Instax Mini 9 is still flashing red lights even after replacing the old batteries, you must have put the batteries in the wrong position. In the case of any battery-used device, polarity signs are important to follow.

That means you have to place the batteries in the camera by reading the engraved signs on the battery compartment. You will find positive (+) and negative (-) signs written on both ends of the compartment.

Now, in order to place the batteries in the proper place, follow the below steps-

  • Take out the batteries.
  • If one end of the battery compartment says a Positive (+) sign, place the pointy part of the battery on that end.
  • Again, if the other side of the battery compartment says a Negative (-) sign, place the flat part of the battery on that end.

Once you have placed the batteries by following the polarity sign, close the cover and turn on the camera. Hopefully, now there will no blinking of red lights, and you will be able to click pictures.

Why does my Instax Mini 9 not turn on?

A dead or low-power battery is one of the main reasons behind your Instax Mini 9 not turning on. To turn the camera on, replace the old batteries with fully charged batteries. Also, make sure to insert the batteries in the correct placement.

How Do I Activate my Instax Mini 9?

The operation of Instax Mini 9 is super easy. First, turn the camera on by pressing the button parallel to the lens. Next, adjust the dial to set the position and then press the shoot button to click pictures.

What happens if you shake Instax film?

You should never shake or move the Instax film rapidly. Because this rapid movement can damage the image by separating different parts of the film prematurely. Also, it can create drops in the photo.


We hope that the guides and instructions in this article have helped you to solve your problem of “Why is my Instax Mini 9 blinking red?”. In case of serious problems, you must always consult with professionals. But in situations of red blinking lights, it is more likely that you will be able to solve the problem by yourself.

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