Top 3 Reasons Why Is Your Instax Mini 11 Blinking Red

The red blinking light on your Instax Mini 11 is obviously not a good signal. Whenever the red light blinks, the camera cannot take any shots. So, often people wonder, ‘why is my Instax Mini 11 blinking red?’.  The reasons are simple, and you can solve the flashing red light problem on your own.

The main reason behind your Instax Mini 11 blinking or flashing red light is the battery problem. Using expired batteries on this camera makes it blink red lights. Another reason is the misplacement of the batteries. Besides battery problems, a jammed film in the camera will also make it blink red.

Now, if you are interested to know more about this topic, then keep reading this article.

Reasons Behind Instax Mini 11 Blinking Red

Despite being one of the finest cameras, it is possible to face some problems while operating the Instax Mini 11. Now, do not get stressed whenever you face problems with the camera because there is a solution to every problem.

One of the common problems of Instax Mini 11 is the blinking red light issue. A lack of cautiousness among the users causes this problem. However, it is not too late to be cautious and solve the problem of your Instax Mini 11. 

So, below are the points about the reasons behind red blinking lights, along with solutions to fix them.

Dead Batteries

If you notice that your Instax Mini 11 is rapidly blinking red lights, it is a sign that the batteries are dead or expired. When there is a dead battery inside the camera, which is about to lose power, the camera will blink red light quickly. It is an indication from the camera that the batteries are about to get expired.

Also, in such a situation, you won’t be able to take any pictures because expired or low-power batteries cannot charge the flash. The camera’s flash must be charged fully to take a picture from the Instax Mini 11.

Ways To Fix Instax Mini 11 Blinking Problem

The only solution to this problem is replacing the old dead batteries with new ones. It is easy to replace the batteries. Follow the below steps to change the batteries on your Instax Mini 11-

  • First, open the battery compartment, which you will find alongside the shutter button.
  • To open the battery compartment, push the door down and then pull it.
  • To take the batteries out, put your fingernail at one end of the battery and take them out.
  • After you take the old batteries out, place the new batteries.

That’s all! See how easy it is to replace batteries on your Instax Mini 11 camera.

Misplacing Batteries

Instax Mini Misplacing Batteries

If you see that the red light is still blinking even after you replaced the batteries, then you must have misplaced the battery. When you replace the batteries for the first time, it is common to get confused and put them in the wrong position.

However, there is nothing to worry about. Once you place the batteries in the correct position, your camera will stop blinking red lights and work properly.

Follow the below instructions to place the batteries in the correct order-

  • After you open the battery cover and take out the batteries, the compartment will become empty.
  • Now notice the empty battery compartment. There you will observe polarity signs like (+) and (-).
  • Place the batteries by following the polarity signs. The flat part is the battery’s negative side, and the pointy part is the positive side of the battery.

Jammed Film

Batteries are not the only reason behind a red blinking Instax Mini 11. A jammed film inside the camera also makes the camera blink red lights quickly.

Now, in case of a jammed film, never try to pull to take the film out. If you pull out the film, there is a high possibility of causing damage to the internal system of the camera.

So, instead of pulling out the jammed film, try the following methods-

  • Take out the batteries even if they are not dead.
  • Place new batteries.
  • While placing the new batteries, ensure the camera’s lens is fully extended.

There you go! Once you replace the batteries, the film will be automatically unjammed.

Some Suggestions For Your Instax Mini 11

If you are an Instax Mini 11 user, the below suggestions will help you get a good camera experience-

  • Use alkaline batteries on your Fujifilm Instax Mini 11.
  • All the batteries you will be using must be from the same brands. Do not mix batteries of different brands.
  • Change the batteries you take 100 shots of pictures.

If you follow the above instructions while operating your Instax Mini 11, it is less likely that you will face any issues related to batteries.


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Why is My Instax Mini 11 Not Working

How do you know if your Instax Mini is broken?

If the lens adjustment dial keeps blinking red light, it is a sign of a broken camera. Also, if the red light beside the viewfinder keeps blinking even after replacing the old batteries with brand-new ones, there is a problem with the lens unit.

How long can Instax Mini last?

An Instax Mini can last beyond 30 months if used properly with no strong bumps. However, it is best to use the film of the Instax mini as soon as you open the packaging of the camera. This will ensure you supreme image quality.

Should I remove the Instax battery when not in use?

If you are planning to not use the camera for a long period, like a year or more, it is best to remove the batteries. Because the alkaline batteries start to discharge zinc/ manganese/ potassium or graphite if kept in an unused device. So, in such cases, you must store the batteries in a separate plastic bag.


That’s all about the Instax Mini 11 blinking red lights problem. Now that you have read the whole article, hopefully, you have got the answer to your question, ‘why is my Instax Mini 11 blinking red?’ Moreover, now you can solve this problem without professional help.

Also, never delay solving the red lights blinking problem of your camera. Red light means it is an emergency case. So, the sooner you solve the problem, the better for your camera’s health.

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