How To Transfer Photos From Nikon To Mac Wirelessly

Pictures are often worth a thousand words, and most times, you can’t just wait to share that perfect photo you just captured. In the past, you’d have to use a USB cable to transfer photos from Nikon to Mac, but nowadays, you can easily transfer your data wirelessly. Perhaps you are not sure of how to transfer photos from your Nikon camera to your Mac wirelessly. Not to worry, we have prepared a guide to help you.

The ideal, yet simple process on how to transfer photos from Nikon to Mac wirelessly is by using third-party software.

The third-party software is named wireless transmitter utility. What does the software do? It simply helps to make the connection process between a Nikon camera and a Mac computer faster.

How To Transfer Photos From Nikon To Mac Wirelessly – Detailed answer

By now, you should be aware that the transfer of pictures from your Nikon camera to your Mac device wirelessly can only be done through the use of the wireless transmitter utility software.

However, to successfully use this software for the transfer of your pictures, you’d need to follow some important steps.

Here are the steps:

  • Pair the Nikon camera and Mac.
  • Choose a destination for pictures uploaded from the camera.
  • Transfer selected pictures.

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Pair the Nikon camera and Mac

The first thing requested that you do before you have your photos transferred is pair your Mac and Nikon. Heed the processes below to pair your devices:

Process 1: Configuration of the Nikon camera

Before you pair both the Nikon camera and Mac device, you’d have to start by configuring the camera. 

Step 1: Display the menus

Click on the menu button on your Nikon camera to display the menu. In the setup menu, navigate to “connect to PC”.

Step 2: Create profile

Proceed to the network settings, and choose “create profile”. Continue this step by choosing the connection type: choose direct connection to PC.

Then, the camera will display an SSID and encryption key that would be useful to pair your Mac to it.

Process 1.1: Configuration of your Mac device

Ensure that you see the SSID and encryption key revealed on the camera before you move to this process.

Step 1: Pair your Mac to your Nikon

Select the wireless LAN icon (the WiFi icon) on your Mac computer menu bar. Choose and pick the SSID shown by your camera.

You’d be asked for a password; proceed to enter the encryption key revealed on the camera, and click “join”.

Step 2: Launch the app

After clicking join, your camera would disclose a name that would be used later on. Download the wireless transmitter utility application on your Mac laptop or computer. Once the application is installed, your Mac would display a camera selection log.

Proceed to select the name that was disclosed by your Nikon, and click “Next”. Then, a code would be revealed after clicking next.

Step 3: Pair the Nikon camera and your Mac

Then, you’d be asked to enter an authentication code. Input the code disclosed by your camera and click on “next”.

Now, you’d see a message on both ends stating that your Nikon camera and Mac device have been paired successfully.

Process 2: Choose a destination for pictures uploaded from the camera

Once you have successfully paired your camera and Mac device, you can continue with this second method. Follow the steps that will be shared below to do this method.

Step 1: Select “Next” on your Mac computer and “okay” on your Nikon camera. Then, on your computer, the wireless transmitter utility application will ask you to select a destination where you’d like to save the photos you upload from your camera.

Step 2: Choose the folder

Choose the folder you want by clicking on browse. If you don’t have any folder you want to use, you can create a new one.

  • Click on “desktop” and select “new folder”.
  • Proceed to enter the name you want to use, and click “create”.
  • Choose the folder you created and select open.
  • Then, click “next” and a confirmation dialog would be shown.

Step 3: Click next after the dialog is shown. Then, follow the instructions noted on the Mac to make sure that your Nikon and PC are connected.


  • If the SSID on your camera is shown in green, then, the connection has been successfully established between your Nikon and Mac.

Proceed by clicking on “close” after confirming the connection. Now, the destination to upload your photos has been created and selected.

Process 3: Transfer selected pictures

The final method is to transfer the selected photos from your Nikon camera to your Mac device. To successfully do this method, heed the steps below:

Step 1

Press the playback button on your Nikon camera.

Step 2

Select the photos you would like to upload and press the “i” button. When you press the button, a menu bar would be shown. Then, select “send/ deselect (PC)” and press “okay” to transfer the photos.

Step 3

You’d notice a green transfer icon at the top of the camera that would indicate that the photos are transferring to your Mac computer. While a blue icon will show when the transfer is complete.

Repeat this step to transfer additional photos to your laptop or computer. If more than one picture is selected, a white icon would be disclosed to indicate pending photos to be transferred.

Step 4

When all the photos you selected have been transferred to your computer, open the folder you created and all the images you uploaded would be shown there.

What other methods can be used to transfer photos from Nikon to Mac? 

Aside from transferring your photos from your Nikon camera to your MacBook wirelessly, other methods you can use are; a USB cable, SD card or memory card reader, and snapbridge.

These methods are as easy as connecting wirelessly, but recently, connecting wirelessly relieves you of the stress of looking for an ideal USB cable or purchasing an SD card reader. 

Moving forward, snapbridge on the other hand might be a long process, as it requires that you transfer your photos to your phone, move them to your cloud storage, then to your Mac.


Now, how to transfer photos from Nikon to Mac wirelessly requires the use of third-party software called the wireless transmitter utility.

To successfully upload your photos using this application, you’d have to follow the 3 steps indicated in this blog post. Each step has been broadly explained, kindly heed the steps to get your preferred result.

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