How To Reset Canon Camera Wi-Fi Password?

Perhaps you had to reset your phone’s settings, or you purchased a new phone which made you lose connection to your Canon camera. You must have been perplexed because you’re unable to recall your Canon Wi-Fi password or even find a way to rest it. Put your worries aside as we have prepared a solution on how to reset Canon camera Wi-Fi password in this blog post.

The Canon camera wi-fi password can be reset manually. However, there are two different ways to reset your Canon wi-fi password manually.

The methods are straightforward and wouldn’t take much of your time. Read on to find out the procedures on how you can reset your Canon camera wi-fi password in detail.

What is my Canon camera wi-fi password?

Your Canon camera wi-fi password is an encryption key that is in the form of 9 alphanumeric characters. The encryption key is usually below the SSID which is the name of your Canon camera.

This information appears when you’re trying to pair your Canon camera with your phone or PC. Just in case you weren’t sure of what your Canon password is, when you come across an encryption key, you’ve found your answer.

How To Reset Canon Camera Wi-Fi Password – Detailed Answer

As aforesaid, there are two diverse ways on how to reset Canon wi-fi password manually. So, in this phase of the article, we’d dive into the procedures in full detail.

Method 1

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Enable the wi-fi

Turn on your camera. Then, press the menu button to view the menu bar, and navigate to “wireless communication settings”. You’d see a few options, but choose Wi-Fi/ NFC and enable the wi-fi.

Step 2: Wi-Fi function

After enabling the wi-fi connection, go back to the wireless communication settings and choose “Wi-Fi function”.

Step 3: Exit

In some Canon camera models like the Canon 6D, when you choose “wi-fi function”, you’d be shown a few options like exit, confirm set, and error details. In this case, you should choose “Exit” because you intend to reset your password. Then, press “okay” to “exit wireless LAN function”.

However, in other Canon models like the Canon EOS, you’d also be shown some options after choosing the wi-fi function, just choose “connect to smartphone”.

After you choose exit on your Canon (either the Canon 6D or any other model with similar settings), some options – similar to the options that are disclosed on the Canon EOS after choosing wi-fi function, would be revealed. So, you should proceed to choose “connect to smartphone” also.

Step 4: Review settings

After selecting “connect to smartphone”, some options would be disclosed such as choose set, review/change settings, and delete settings.

Select “review/change settings”, and more options would be revealed but choose “change set”.

Step 5: Reset

You’d have to choose from an option after selecting “change set”. Proceed to choose “camera access point mode”, select “manual connection” and press “okay”.

After pressing “okay”, a spot would be viewed to change SSID (the camera’s name). You can erase the name there to add the one you want and press okay.

Then, you’d have to choose one of the settings revealed,  here we’d propose you choose “manual setting” and press “okay”. An encryption setting would be revealed, choose “AES” and press “okay”. From here, you can change your Canon camera wi-fi password.

Method 2

The second method is like a trick, but it’s straightforward enough to help you change your Canon camera wi-fi password.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Enable wi-fi

Press the menu button and choose “wireless communication settings” on the menu bar. Then, proceed to “enable wi-fi”.

Step 2: Wi-Fi function

Select “wi-fi function” after enabling the camera’s wi-fi. Then, press the “INFO” button and a setting will show.

Step 3: clear settings

Proceed to choose “clear wi-fi settings”, and press “set” and “okay” to clear the settings.

Once you press “okay”, the settings in the wi-fi function will be cleared and the menu bar will reappear.

Note: when the menu bar appears, you might have to continue the process of resetting by following steps 4 and 5 in method 1. This depends on the type of Canon camera you have.

How do I find the wi-fi password on my Canon camera?

You can find the wi-fi password on your Canon camera by following the steps below.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1

Press the menu button, and select “Wi-Fi/NFC” on the menu bar. Enable the wi-fi, and navigate to “wi-fi function”.

Step 2

On the wi-fi function setting, choose “connect to smartphone”. Then, some options would be disclosed; proceed to choose “review/change settings”.

Step 3

After selecting review/change settings, choose “change set”, and press “okay”. Then, you’d have a connection setting revealed; select “camera access point mode” and an option would be disclosed, choose “easy connection”.

After choosing easy connection, press “okay”, and the connection information such as the SSID and encryption key which is the password that you need would be revealed.

How do I connect my Canon camera to my mobile via Wi-Fi?

The way you can connect your Canon camera to your mobile via Wi-Fi is very straightforward, just follow the guide below.

Here’s the guide:

Step 1: Download the app

Download the Canon camera connect application on either the Apple store or the play store. Apple store- Canon camera connect. Play store- Canon camera connect.

Step 2: Enable wireless connection

Turn on your camera. Then, press the menu button to view the menu bar, and navigate to “wireless communication settings”. You’d see a few options, but choose “Wi-Fi/ NFC” and enable “wi-fi”.

Step 3: Wi-Fi function

After enabling the wi-fi, navigate back to “wi-fi function”, and select “connect to smartphone”. Then, choose “set” and choose “set 1”.

Step 4: Connect

Proceed to select “easy connection” and the SSID and encryption key needed for the connection would be revealed.

Turn on your phone’s wi-fi connection, choose the SSID shown on your camera, and put the encryption key revealed as the password.

On the camera, it will indicate that it’s waiting to connect, so proceed to launch the Canon camera connect application you downloaded and it will reveal the camera available to connect.

Choose your camera’s name and on your camera, a message would be revealed. You can decide to adjust what you want to be viewed before pressing “okay”.


What does the wi-fi on Canon camera do?

The wi-fi on the Canon camera helps you to connect your camera to your smartphone or PC wirelessly. This feature makes the transfer of videos and photos much easier.

Plus, it aids automatic sync such that if you are in a haste to transfer your photos, all you need to do is enable the wi-fi connection (although you must have paired the devices before).

Can you connect your Canon camera to your mobile?

Of course, you can connect your Canon camera to your mobile. In fact, Canon has made the connection easier by creating the “Canon camera connect” application. This application is very easy to use and also fast.

What happens if I reset my camera?

If you reset your camera, your camera is changed to its default settings. The default setting is simply the setting automatically given to your camera by the manufacturer.


If you ever forget your Canon camera wi-fi password, simply follow the solutions on how to reset Canon camera wi-fi password provided in this blog post.

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