How To Convert Nef To Jpg In Nikon Camera

The nef, also known as Nikon electronic format, is an extension used by Nikon cameras to create “RAW” images. Nef image files are usually of high quality which takes up more space on your camera or memory card, and most devices do not often support this format. So, the best way to solve all of these issues is by converting the images to jpeg (joint photographic experts group) which is a simple task to do.

The process on how to convert nef to jpg in Nikon camera can be executed by using the in-built image converter tool on your camera.

This process is very easy to do and won’t take you more than 5 minutes if you follow a guide. Hence, in this blog post, we’ll lead you through the steps on how to convert Nef images to jpeg on your Nikon camera.

Can I convert RAW to JPEG in Nikon camera?

Simply put, yes – you can convert RAW to JPEG in a Nikon camera. Nef (raw) files are simply unprocessed formats that are mostly preferred by professionals, but come with issues when trying to print, edit, or share them.

So, oftentimes, the best way to solve this issue is by converting your nef to jpeg which is always supported by all devices. After converting the raw (nef) image to jpeg, the raw photo will not change, it will remain on the camera or memory card except if you choose to delete it.

So, with the raw file, you can create as many jpegs as you want with different filter effects and tones.

How To Convert Nef To Jpg In Nikon Camera

To successfully convert your Nef (raw) images to jpeg on the camera, you’d have to use the built-in tool on your Nikon camera which will easily handle the task without any complications.

To learn how to do this, follow the guide below.

Step 1: Go to the menu

Turn on your camera, if it is off. Then, press the menu button and navigate to the “retouch menu”.

Step 2: Choose the images

On the retouch menu, choose Nef (raw) processing. Then, the pictures taken by you would be revealed. Although in some Nikon cameras, you might have to choose from an option; select image (s), select date, and select all images.

Step 3: (optional) Edit your photo

After choosing the image (s) you want to convert to jpg, you’d see a lot of options on the side of the pictures. However, each option has different uses. With the options, you can adjust the filter effect, clarity, size, and many more.

So, if you intend to change the effect of the picture, scroll down to “SD”, and push the navigation button to the right and a lot of options would show.

Choose any effect you like; you can also proceed by navigating to the right and a lot of options such as sharpness, clarity, contrast, and so on would be revealed. When you are done editing your photo, review it by pressing the plus magnifying glass button, then, press the “okay” button.

Step 4: Convert to jpeg

Then, navigate to “norm” to change the image quality. Change from “norm” to “fine”, and change the size by navigating to “L”. You can change the size from large to medium or small, depending on what size you want. Although all of these are totally optional but provided just in case.

Proceed to EXE (means execute) and press the “okay” button. Then, a message “image saved” alongside the image, and the date and time the picture was converted to jpg would be revealed.

Note- The Nef (raw) file would still be saved on your camera or SD card, so you can also go back to it if you need it.

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How to convert Nef to jpg on Windows and Mac

While Nef image format often results in issues, the best way to prevent these problems is by converting the images to jpeg. Rather than converting the Nef file to jpeg on your Nikon camera, you can easily do the conversion on your Windows or Mac device by using a converting tool.

Follow the steps below to know how to convert your Nef files to jpg on your Mac or Windows device.

Step 1: Download the tool

You can make use of converting tools like SoftOrbits, movavi, widsmob imageconvert, or any other converting tool that your computer or laptop supports. Then, follow the instructions shown on your screen to install the tool on your device.

Step 2: Import your Nef photos

Put your SD card into your computer’s SD card spot, or if your device doesn’t have an SD card spot, you can use a card reader. Then, click on the menu bar on the tool you’re using, and import the Nef files on your SD card to the converter.

Step 3: Convert to jpeg

Click on the edit option and choose the convert format you want which is jpeg. Then, proceed to choose where you’d like to save the converted images, and convert the images after doing the necessary things.

Note- You can also choose to edit the Nef images on the converter tool before converting them to jpg.

How do I set my Nikon camera as a jpeg?

If you’d like to take your pictures as jpeg instead of raw, you can easily do that by changing your Nikon camera’s settings.

To set your Nikon camera to take only jpeg photos, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Press the menu button and go down to the photo shooting menu. Then, you’d see different options, click on “image quality”. 

Step 2

When you get to the image quality menu, you’d see all the quality pictures your camera can shoot. Plus, on the menu, you will find out that there are 3  different jpegs which are jpeg (fine), jpeg (norm), and jpeg (basic). Choose “jpeg (fine).

Step 3

Then, go back to the photo shooting menu and choose “image size”. You’d see three different sizes – large, medium, and small. Pick “large” or you can choose any size you prefer.

Step 4

Then, go down to the image area to pick “Dx” which is the full sensor of the camera.

Step 5

Proceed to jpeg compression and select “optimal quality” to ensure that your jpegs are compressed for optimal quality.

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Is Nef same as RAW?

Yes, Nef is the same as RAW. Nef means Nikon electronic format which is an extension used by Nikon cameras to make raw images. Nef images are often high-quality, containing all the details seen by the camera.

Additionally, the Nef files are large files that can be easily edited but are not always supported by most devices. The Nef is a raw image file for Nikon cameras, and other brands have their own raw version just like Nikon.

Is Nef RAW better than JPEG?

Yes, raw (nef) is better than jpeg. Although this would depend on your level of experience as a photographer. If you are an expert photographer that loves to explore the different clarity, contrast, and other features, the raw format would be the best choice for you because of the details of the subject it captures

However, if you are a beginner photographer, the jpeg format would be the best for you. This is because there won’t be any form of post-processing in the pictures taken.

Notwithstanding, the two formats are good and each has advantages and disadvantages. You just need to pick the one that works best for you.


Perhaps you’ve been wondering how to convert nef to jpg in a Nikon camera. With the in-built converter on your camera, you can easily convert your raw files to jpeg.

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