How To Connect Nikon Camera To Mac

If you own a Nikon camera and a Mac device, you must be wondering how you can connect these two devices. Whether you intend to transfer the photos or videos you captured to your Mac; connecting the Nikon camera to a Mac is a simple task.

Now, let’s find out “How To Connect Nikon Camera To Mac”

The Nikon camera can be connected to your mac device by following a few methods. One of these methods is the use of third-party software. This method is ideal and fast; it allows you to connect the two devices wirelessly.

The other method is by using a USB-C cable. This method is also fast and reliable. You might only have to purchase a new USB-type C cord if it wasn’t included in your camera package.

Moving forward, we’d discuss how to connect a Nikon camera to a Mac in this blog post.

Can I connect Nikon camera to Mac?

Of course, you can connect a Nikon camera to a Mac. There are two methods that can be used to attach a Nikon camera to a mac, and they are; the use of software and a USB-C cord.

Though the methods that can be used to connect the two devices are limited, they are reliable and fast. The only issue you are likely to face when connecting a Nikon camera to a mac via USB is getting a USB-C cord that supports the two gadgets.

In fact, this issue might only arise when the USB cord isn’t included in your package. Aside from that, connecting your Nikon to your Mac is very straightforward.

How To Connect Nikon Camera To Mac

There are only two methods and you just have to select the one that seems easy to you. Below are the methods and the guide you need to follow to successfully connect your Nikon camera to your MacBook. if you have one canon camera too then this connects canon camera to mac guide might help

  • The use of third-party software.
  • Using a USB-C cable.

The use of third-party software

This software helps you to connect your Nikon camera to your Mac wirelessly. With this method, you can easily transfer your photos after connecting your two devices.

This method is so straightforward because all you have to do is download the driver and heed the needed instructions to sort out the connection process between your Nikon and mac device.

The guide you need for this method is as follows:

Step 1: Download the software

The software is the actual element that helps to connect the Nikon camera to your Mac computer. So, download the driver on your Mac device and install it.

Step 2: Go to the camera’s menu

After installing the software, proceed to press the menu button on your Nikon camera, then the menu bar would be disclosed. On the menu, scroll to “connect to pc”.

Step 3: Make your profile

Navigate to the network settings and select “create profile”. Then, proceed to pick the connection type that says “direct connection to PC”.

After selecting the connection type, your Nikon camera would show an encryption key and an SSID that you’d need later on.

Step 4: Pair the two devices

Click on the wifi icon on your Mac computer menu bar. Then, a list of devices should show, search and select the SSID that was disclosed by your Nikon camera.

When you click on the SSID, a password would be requested; proceed to enter the encryption key. Click on “join” after you enter the password, and a name would be disclosed.

Step 5: Click on the app

Start the app (it should be installed on your computer by now). Then, a camera selection log would be disclosed. Select the name that was revealed by your Nikon device after inserting the password, and continue by clicking on “Next”.

Step 6: Connect your Nikon camera to your Mac

After clicking “Next”, a code that you’d need to connect your Nikon camera to your mac would be revealed on your Nikon camera.

Proceed to enter the authentication code and click on “next”. Then, a message would be revealed on your camera that the connection is complete.

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Using a USB-C cable

The use of a USB-C cable is another way that you can connect your Nikon camera to your Mac device. This method is as simple as using third-party software.

One thing about the use of the type C USB cable is that it is fast and very reliable to transfer photos from your camera to your computer.

Follow the instructions below to connect your Nikon to your Mac:

Step 1: Get the USB-C cord

The USB type C cord is included in most Nikon cameras – particularly the new models. So, check your package to confirm if it was included. If it wasn’t added, you can purchase a USB-C cord from the Nikon store or any electronic store around you.

Step 2: Turn off the camera

Switch off your Nikon camera, then open the connection door on your camera. Proceed to put the right end of the USB cord in your camera’s USB port, and put the other right end into your computer’s USB port.

Step 3: Connect

Turn on your camera after putting the USB in the right places on your devices. To be sure that your Nikon camera is connected to your mac, you need to wait for a few seconds – 10 to 15 seconds, then your computer should recognize the camera.

However, if the Nikon camera’s info doesn’t show up on your computer’s screen, proceed to the launchpad on your mac. Then, click on image capture, and you’ll see your Nikon camera’s name. Click on it and wait for all your data (pictures and videos) to be disclosed.

Note– In some cases, you might need to get an adapter to make use of the USB-C cord. Although this would only be needed if your Mac doesn’t recognize your Nikon camera.

How do I connect my Nikon camera to my mac for live shooting?

Regardless of the type of Nikon camera you have- DSLR or mirrorless, you can easily live-stream or live-shoot high-quality videos by connecting your Nikon to your MacBook.

I’d guide you through the process of how you can connect your Nikon camera to your Mac device for live shooting.

You need the following:

  • A connection cord – USB cord or HDMI.
  • A fully charged battery or a Nikon AC adapter.

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Step 1: Get your connection cord

As aforementioned, you either get a USB cord or an HDMI. The USB cable is for a quick connection to your Mac with a promising high-quality shoot. While the HDMI is for high-quality videos also.

Step 2: Download the software

If you are using a USB cord, you would need to download the Nikon Webcam Utility software on your mac. But if you are using an HDMI, download a video broadcasting software like OBS studio.

Step 3: Connect the devices

Proceed to put the right end of the USB cord into your camera’s USB port and the other end into your computer’s USB port. Then, the software would automatically recognize your Nikon camera.

But for HDMI, you need to get a third-party video-capturing device. Then, use HDMI to connect the device to your Nikon camera. You’d also have to connect the capturing device to your Mac through the software you downloaded.

Step 4: Final process

Connect a mic to your computer’s mic port if you need one; you can purchase the Nikon mic. Then, proceed to open the application you want to use. Applications like zoom, Facebook live, Skype, and so on.

Note- You need a fully charged battery or an Ac adapter to keep your Nikon camera and computer going without any interruption.


The solutions required for how to connect Nikon camera to mac are the use of third-party software and a USB-C cord.

These methods are so reliable and direct. To make it easier for you to connect the devices using any of the methods, the guide you need has been provided in this blog post.

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