How To Charge The Nikon Camera Without A Battery Charger?

Did you lose your Nikon camera battery charger? Don’t worry. You can still charge your camera using a few tricks. Here we’ll show you how to charge the Nikon camera without a battery charger.

If you have a car battery or AC adapter in your home, you can charge your Nikon camera. Also, a mobile charger or a USB cable will do the work for you. If you can manage a power bank, the problem will be solved right away. Even if you can’t manage any tool, your bare hands can charge your Nikon camera battery.

These aren’t pep talks, so, you can rely on our suggestions and apply them to charge your camera. Just get the required tool and apply the methods according to our guide.

How To Charge The Nikon Camera Without A Battery Charger

Among the many proceedings, Mobile charger, AC adapter, and power bank processes are the easiest. However, if you understand the proceedings with the other tools, you can apply them with ease. So, read it thoroughly to know all the options available.

Charging with a mobile charger

Nikon D-series cameras come with Li-ion batteries. These batteries need an Mh-25 charger with the right electric load for the camera. Fortunately, a mobile charger with 8.4 or 9 voltage of capacity can charge a Nikon camera in place of the Mh-25 charger. So, if your mobile charger meets this requirement, you can charge your camera.

Charging with a USB cable

If you have a USB cable, you can also use it to charge your Nikon camera. You’ll need help from the battery control converter via PC to do this.

  • Put the battery pack firmly in its chamber.
  • Ensure the terminals are fixed.
  • Turn off the camera and put the USB plug on the cable.
  • Bring a connector of a computer system and connect it to the USB cable.
  • This will start your camera charging. When the camera is fully charged, the light will go off.

Charging while using another battery to charge

Remove your camera battery and replace it with a battery of AA, +AA, AAA or 9 voltage. Then check for the negative and positive connectors and set it to your Nikon camera. Keep it inside for 2/3  hours until your camera is fully charged.

Charging the Nikon camera with other batteries can be easier if you find the right kind of battery.

Charging with the car battery

Transferring power from a car battery with compatible cables is easy. Just connect the car battery through a USB cable and get the car battery power. The following texts will describe everything more clearly.

  • Open the camera battery door.
  • Bring a USB cable.
  • Switch off the camera.
  • Bring an AC adapter, and connect it to the car battery and the camera.
  • Check if your camera’s LCD isn’t getting affected.
  • If you see the green lamp blinking, your camera is charging.
  • Wait for 3 hours until your camera gets fully charged.

Charging with Power Bank

Charging Nikon camera with Power Bank

A power bank is an additional option for a Nikon camera. You can buy it online even if you don’t have a power bank. These power banks are small, so you can carry them in your pocket and charge your camera whenever you need them. Samsung, New Age, and Oriamo are prominent brands for the Nikon camera power brand.

Charging with Friction

The friction trick doesn’t let the camera hold the charge for long, but it can get the camera charged in a few minutes. It may also seem the process is silly, but it’s effective.

  • Bring out your camera batteries.
  • Rub them with your bare hands.
  • After a couple of minutes, the camera will get charged by the static electricity created by friction.

Charging with AC Adapter

If you have an AC adapter in your home, then charging your Nikon camera without a charger will be a piece of cake. Follow the given text and know how you can utilize the AC adapter.

  • Connect a USB cable to the AC adapter to the Nikon camera with the battery inserted.
  • Plug the AC adapter into a charging slot.
  • Wait for 1 or 2 hours until the charging is complete. Once done, unplug the Adapter from the electrical outlet and remove it from the USB cable.

New camera battery or charger

If all your attempts go in vain, why not buy a new charger or battery? This way, your camera charging burden will come to an end. If you suspect the fault is in your battery, then replace it. If the charger is the culprit, you can buy a new one at an affordable price. Many online sellers sell both Nikon camera chargers and batteries at a reasonable price. 

How Long Does It Take to Charge A Nikon Camera Battery

An empty Nikon battery usually takes 1 hour and 50 minutes to get fully charged. However, electric volts or electric supply can vary the duration. If you’re using a medium electric supply or having a less powerful voltage, it may take a few more times extra than usual.

How Long Do Nikon Battery Last

Several Nikon batteries last for several durations. On average, a Nikon battery lasts from 300 shots to 500 shots per charge. If you aren’t wasting charge, you can last your Nikon battery for 3 to 4 hours.

How Can You Make Nikon Battery Last Longer

A Nikon battery lasts 3 or 4 hours after changing. However, using the following tricks, you can also prolong a fully charged Nikon battery time.

  • Avoid using the high-power mode when you don’t need it because this setting drains more power and consumes the battery energy in no time.
  • Try to use the camera sparingly.
  • Turn the camera off when you aren’t using this.
  • Always use the battery that’s recommended for your camera.
  • Don’t leave the battery inside when your camera is not in use.
  • Always try to keep your battery clean.

How You Can Avoid Charging Issues of Nikon Camera

To avoid the charging issue, you must always keep your camera charged. Leaving the camera uncharged for a long time can gradually create severe charging issues. Keeping this in mind, you should also do the following for proper maintenance.

  • Don’t expose the lens to sunlight

Avoid exposing your Nikon camera lens to sunlight or any powerful source of light. Or else it damages the image sensor resulting in blurry effects on the photos.

  • Always keep your camera dry

Most Nikon cameras aren’t waterproof. So, if it becomes watery, it may cause malfunction. And gradually, it may decay the internal mechanism and ultimately damage the camera.

  • Clean it often

Always keep your camera clean. Use a dry cloth to remove debris. You can also use a blower to clean the camera body.

  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature 

Suddenly entering a cold place from the heated area badly affects your camera. To avoid this issue, always store your camera in a plastic bag before going to a different temperature.

  • Avoid physical collusion

You may not see any harm after a soft physical collusion to your camera, but it affects the battery. So, always be careful with the camera while carrying it. Don’t let any hard object come closer.

  • Turn off the camera while disconnecting the power source

When you disconnect the power source or remove the battery keeping the camera on, it damages your camera. So, always turn off the camera after completing the tasks. It’ll also prevent data loss and save battery power for you.

Final Thoughts

If you have come this far without avoiding any passages, you surely know how to charge the Nikon camera without a battery charger. These are just simple processes that require to be applied carefully.

Connecting a USB cable to a power source and the camera battery, you can easily charge your Nikon camera. If you don’t have the USB cable, search for a car battery or an AC adapter. Even if you bring out the camera battery and rub it for a few minutes, you can charge it through friction.

Feel free to knock on our comment box if any of our suggestions confuse you. We’ll come back ASAP with a better suggestion.

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