How To Charge The Nikon Camera Without A Battery Charger?

If you are a Nikon camera user, you should know that Nikon cameras are made with a specific type of battery and charger. Perhaps you are in a situation where you need to charge your Nikon camera, but you do not have a charger. Not to worry, there are other possible options that you can use.

There are a lot of possibilities for how to charge the Nikon camera without a battery charger. One of the quickest ways is by using a USB-C cord.

Other possibilities are the use of friction, a power bank, an Ac adapter, and many more. Read on to find out in detail how you can charge your Nikon camera without a charger.

Can you charge the Nikon camera without a battery charger?

Of course, you can charge the Nikon camera without a battery charger. A Nikon camera without a battery charger can be charged with a USB-C cord via a computer or power bank. Then, the computer or power bank would provide power to the camera’s battery.

However, aside from using the USB-C cord, you can make use of an Ac adapter. These methods are highly trusted and won’t give your camera’s battery any complications now or in the future.

How To Charge The Nikon Camera Without A Battery Charger

There are several alternatives you can use to charge your Nikon camera; all you have to do is choose one that is convenient for you.

Below are the methods you can use to charge the Nikon camera without a battery charger.

  • Use a USB-C cable/Ac adapter.
  • Utilizing friction.
  • Charge with a power bank.
  • Replace the battery.
  • Use another battery.

Use a USB-C cable/Ac adapter

One way you can charge your Nikon camera without a charger is by using a USB-C cord and an Ac adapter. Basically, you’d be using the two items, and you can rest assured that they are fast and reliable.

Read on to know how you can charge your camera with this method.

Step 1: Get the Ac adapter and USB-C cable ready

Check your Nikon camera package, a USB-C cord should be in it. However, if you can’t find it in the package, you can purchase a portable USB with a type C connection on both ends for your Nikon camera. Likewise, an EH-7P Ac adapter or any Ac adapter that would work for your Nikon camera should be purchased – it should have a type C connection.

Step 2: Enable the USB delivery

Turn on your camera and click on the menu button to show the menu bar. Navigate to USB power delivery, and press okay. Then, press “enable”.

Step 3: Attach the cable

Connect the adapter type c connection to your camera. If you are unable to get the adapter, you can use the USB-C cord, and attach one end to your laptop/PC and the other to your Nikon camera.

Step 4: Charge

Plug the ac adapter into an electrical outlet and turn on the socket. The camera should indicate that it is charging by showing a green light. After about 2 hours or 3 hours, at most, the green light would turn off which simply means the camera is fully charged.

Nb– If you choose to use the regular USB cord with type A and type C connections, you won’t have a long-lasting power. Plus, the camera would only charge when it’s off.

Utilizing friction

Friction is a force resisting the relative movement of thick surfaces rubbing against each other. This motion produces heat that has the ability to induce electricity.

So, this method can be used to charge your Nikon camera without a charger. However, it is an old and time-consuming method, plus, the power it will offer your battery might not last for a long period.

But it is effective enough to power your device for a few minutes. You can do this method by rubbing the battery against your palm – in between your two palms or on any surface. Stop after a minute or two. Then, insert the battery back into your camera.

Charge with a power bank

Charge Nikon camera with a power bank

Another best option that is accepted by Nikon is the use of a power bank. This method is highly effective, as it powers your camera for a long period.

Follow the steps below to charge your Nikon camera.

Step 1: Get a power bank

If you don’t have a power bank, you can always purchase one from an online store. However, when purchasing a power bank, ensure that its mAh is quite high – it should be up to 25,600 mAh, not less but can be higher.

Step 2: USB cable

Bring out the USB- C cable in your Nikon camera package. If you can’t find one in the pack, you can purchase the one that would work for your camera from Nikon.

Step 3: Activate the USB delivery

Simply go to your Nikon camera menu bar, and click on “USB power delivery”. Then, press “enable”.

Step 4: Charge

First, insert your battery if you brought it out of your camera. Then, put one end of the type C cord in the power bank, and put the other end in the camera port. A green light would be revealed on your camera and would go off when the battery is well charged.

Nb- It is best to turn off your camera, so it can charge properly.

Replace the battery

If you are unable to charge your Nikon camera with the other steps provided, then, you can always replace the battery by purchasing a new one.

Visit the Nikon online store, and look for a battery that would work for your camera. If you are not sure of which battery to purchase, you can reach out to Nikon customer service; I’m sure they would be glad to help you out.

Additionally, Aside from replacing your camera’s battery, you can also attempt to obtain a new charger for your Nikon.

Use another battery

Another method that you can use to charge your Nikon battery is by using another battery. There are different types of batteries that can be used and they are; your 9-volt, AAA, and AA batteries.

If you have AAA, 9-volt, and AA batteries, you’d have to examine them first before use. Heed the instructions below on how to use any of these batteries.

  • Bring the battery out of your Nikon camera.
  • Examine the AAA, AA, and 9-volt batteries for plus and minus signs for connection- negative and positive. You can decide to use only AA and AAA batteries. After confirming them, you need to make sure they are powered enough to charge your battery.
  • Obtain two pieces of metal cord from a store.
  • Then, if you are using the AA and AAA batteries, arrange the batteries in series and use tape to bind them together. But if you have a 9-volt battery, you can just make use of it alone.
  • Proceed to connect one end of one of the metal wires to the positive side of the batteries. Take one end of the other metal cable and connect it to the negative side of the batteries.
  •  Then, connect the last ends of the metal wires to the positive and negative sides of your camera battery.
  • The battery should start charging now. After a few minutes, remove the metal cables, unmount your batteries, and insert the battery back into your Nikon camera.


If you are ever asked how to charge the Nikon camera without a battery charger, let the person know that there are more than enough alternatives that can be used to charge the Nikon camera.

All you have to do is pick the one that seems easier for you to do at the moment; Basically, all the methods are easy.

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