Why Is My Canon Battery Charger Blinking Orange?

Are you worried about the orange lights blinking issue with your canon battery charger?

The blinking of the orange light usually means that the battery is either charging or there are some other issues with the device or connection.

In the body of a canon battery charger, you will find two lights, one is green and another is orange. The green light blinks when the battery is fully charged. But what usually causes the orange light to blink? Let’s find out.

Why Canon Battery Charger Blinking Orange?

The blinking of orange light in a Canon battery charger indicates both the status of the battery and the condition of the charger as well. In a properly functioning battery and charger, a blinking orange light means the battery is charging.

But it is not always the only thing that causes the orange light to blink. Sometimes it means or indicates something quite different than normal. The possible reasons behind this issue may include

  • Improper insertion of the battery
  • Fault with the battery
  • Fault with the charger
  • Connection Errors, etc.

What Do the Different Lights in a Canon Battery Charger Mean?

As already mentioned above, There are basically two main lights in the body of the canon battery charger. The main function and the blinking duration of the two lights are shown in the form of a table below:-

Battery StatusLight ColorBlinking Duration
Faulty ConnectionOrange Blinks Rapidly
0-49% ChargeOrangeBlinks for 1 sec
50-74% ChargeOrangeBlinks for 2 sec
75-99% ChargeOrangeBlinks for 3 sec
100% ChargeGreenLights up

Canon Battery Charger Blinking Orange: Probable Causes

There are many causes for the canon battery charger to blink orange. Some of the most probable causes are discussed below

The Battery Is Charging

The blinking of orange lights on a canon battery charger generally indicates that the battery in the charger is charging. The blinking duration also means the level of battery charge and it changes with the level as well.

The Battery Is Improperly Inserted

The battery has to be properly connected to the charger leads. Otherwise, the battery will not charge. If the battery leads are not properly in touch with the charger leads, the charging will not start.

The Battery Is Damaged

The orange light on the charger can also indicate that the battery is dead! we have already mentioned above that while charging, the orange light can blink one to three times per second but if the orange light is blinking randomly then it usually means that the battery is damaged.

The Charger Is Unusable

After ensuring that the battery’s health is fine it’s time to check the charger as well. Faults may occur at any time. Manufacturers can not guarantee that your charger will not malfunction.

If your battery is inserted correctly and functioning properly, the blinking orange light may indicate a malfunction in the charger.

Connection Errors

The orange light can also blink if the connection between the canon battery and the canon charger is failed. When it happens, the protection circuits get turned off and the orange light starts blinking rapidly.

If you have inserted any battery that is not compatible with the canon charger the orange light will not stop blinking.

Canon Battery Charger Blinking Orange: Probable Solutions

Now that you know about the possible causes behind the blinking orange light issue with your canon charger, let us now have a quick look at the probable solutions to this issue. The possible solutions are given below:-

Check The Connection

Ensure that the battery you have put in the charger is a canon battery and it suits the charger model. Re-insert the battery, and see if the battery is connected properly with the charger leads.

Check The Battery

If the orange light on the charger is blinking rapidly then it means that there is something wrong with the battery. Remove the battery from the charger and keep it out for some time then again insert it. If the charger again starts blinking orange light then repeat the action again.

You can try this step maximum of three times and after the third time, if the problem remains, you can surely say that your battery is malfunctioning.

Check The Charger

Blinking of orange light can also mean that the charger you are using is no longer usable. If you find orange light blinking rapidly, plug out the charger from the electric port.

Wait for a few minutes and then again plug in the charger. But if the orange light starts blinking again, replace your charger at once.

Ask for Customer Care Help

If you find your battery, and charger both functioning properly and there is no issue with the connection but still the orange light blinking issue remains then you must seek the help of customer care for a solution.

1. What Do Orange Lights on The Canon Charger Mean?

The orange light in a Canon battery charger indicates the charging and battery charge level.

2. How to Fix The Orange Lights Blinking on The Canon Charger?

Normally, a blinking orange light means the battery is getting charged. But if there is anything unusual, please contact the customer service center.

3. My Charger Is Blinking Orange, Is My Canon Battery Dead?

No, a blinking orange light means that your battery is charging.

Final Thoughts

A Canon charger that blinks orange light may indicate many things such as the battery is charging, the connection is improper, the battery is malfunctioning, etc. Looking at the frequency of the blinking of the orange you can understand the actual indication. In the case of any technical issues, please take help from an experienced technician.

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